If anyone understands, identifies with our crushing grief, suffering, it’s Jesus


It comes to us all. If it hasn’t yet. It will.

A time of great inner pain. Hurt. Ache. Deep in our soul.

And we feel alone.

But, truth is, we’re not alone. Not only is Jesus there. He’s been there — where we are. He’s felt your inner pain. My inner pain. And He’s felt it all to an even deeper degree.

In Matthew 26, Jesus, there in the Garden of Gethsemane, talks about being ‘crushed with grief’ … ‘to the point of death.’ He goes on to talk about the ‘cup of suffering’ He’s experiencing.

We hurt. And we often ask God ‘why?’ Yet, as my mom would say while fighting a courageous six-year battle against liver cancer before finally succumbing this past September … ‘why not me?’ She was right. Jesus, God’s only Son and our Savior, suffered greatly here on this earth. Why should we think we ought to be spared suffering?

If anything, we should see our suffering and pain as something that makes us more like the ultimate Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ. And be thankful — especially when feeling alone and not understood by others — that we have someone like Christ who can completely identify with our feelings.

And what did Jesus do during his time of being crushed with grief, during his time of sipping the cup of suffering? Probably the same thing we should try and do during our lowest moments.

He turned to His Father. He asked for relief. But, at the same time, He let God know that He was submissive to His will — not his own will — for His own life.

No matter what. No matter the crushing grief. No matter the suffering.

He let go. And let God.




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